The Princess’ Man is… My Man :)

The Princess’ Man Review

Park Shi Hoo’s Excellence

I’ve been seeing the posters of this drama online before I was convinced to watch it. At first I was hesitant. The characters do not seem appealing to me especially Park Shi Hoo. Sorry Park Shi Hoo fans! But like I said, it was before I watched this drama.^_^ Another reason is because of Moon Chae Won. I still can’t forgive her wickedness in Shining Inheritance. lol just kidding!:)

I ran out of Korean dramas to watch that’s how I got convinced by a friend to watch this and to my surprise…

This drama is really beautiful! The first episodes seem not fitting though because of the exaggerated effects they used for a historical drama. Nonetheless, this is indeed a gem.

As far as the story is concerned, The Princess’ Man is like Asia’s Romeo & Juliet. It depicts the very deep passion the main leads have for each other. Their love is just so pure – that thing that would make you wonder if such love really exist…. A love that could conquer everything.

One thing I love about Korean dramas is how they show the process when people fall in love. It’s not always a whirlwind romance. In this drama, they will make you feel how their love developed from a simple crush. It was very sweet and romantic – utterly pure.

The Characters:

I will just review those who made impression on me.:)

Park Shi Hoo is really excellent in portraying his role as Kim Seung Yoo. From the conceited but light character he has, he turned into a real monster with his heart full of hate for those who killed his family. Well, his face tells it all. How he exploded into anger is really excellent. He’s really a great actor, I said. He’ll make you feel when he’s trembling in suppressing his kept anger. Excellent job Park Shi Hoo!:)

Oh, he looks more handsome when he turned into that monster! lol that black-ninja-costume really suits him well than when he’s still a neat professor..:)

*giggles >.<

Moon Chae Won is also surprising in this drama. Oh well, what can I say, it is already given that her character as Lee Se Ryung is really great. How she’s not a damsel in distress who’s always waiting to be rescued and how she is willing to risk even her life for the sake of what is right is really appealing to me. And she portrayed it very well. Good job Moon Chae Won!:)

Last but not the least is Kim Young Chul as Prince Suyang.

lol! I think I was the only one who liked him. Oh well, I don’t like his character, but his performance is really great! How come they’ve come up with the best artists for this drama!? Perfect choices.

Kim Young Chul has really an atrocious character in this drama, but at the same time, he’s a loving father to Lee Se Ryung. How he showed both of these sides, that’s for you to know. That’s why I admired his performance.:)

The Plot:

The Princess’ Man is just a very complicated drama with political obstructions. Those obstructions hinder Se Ryung and  Seung Yoo’s love story since they belong to opposing clans. Their love story is just so painful that I lost a lot of tears watching this drama. 😥 Actually, it took me a long time to get over this drama. I believe even the others were surprised how this drama came up to be that good. As in I wasn’t really expecting anything since I was just watching it as a past time. But I got hooked up to the point that I’m getting angry with the antagonists’ greed for power and how the people and the situation around the leads were also not helping but breaking them apart.

Drama Clips:

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The Soundtrack:

Of course it’s Baek Ji Young, one of Korea’s best singers!:)

You’ll realize how much they love each other more. ❤ This is the english translation to some part of their ost – I Love You, Too

Even when tomorrow comes I love you

I love you more than yesterday

Without being able to express what’s in my heart

Again today I love you


Even when I see you I miss you

Even when we’re together I’m lonely

I don’t see an end to this one-sided love


I only love you…

To its entirety, this drama is really awesome. I’m not a fan of tragic dramas but I loved this one, I really do. I would like to watch it again, it’s just that I still have to prepare my

So as for you, if you want to watch The Princess’ Man, prepare to cry a lot but fall in love as well.:)

For The Princess’ Man, my rating is 9.9 out of 10. 

That .01 is a deduction for making me cry so hard and for not inserting more happy moments.:)

Anyway, I highly recommend The Princess’ Man!

Saranghae Park Shi Hoo, oppa!:)


The Not So Innocent Man – Song Joong Ki

The Innocent Man Review

After watching the entire drama, my question is: “Why was it titled Innocent man”? He’s not innocent at all nor a nice guy, but his face is.:) Just my random


Kang Ma-Roo (Song Joong Ki) is a young and very promising medical student. His intellect is above average. He “was” nice and will do everything for the woman he loves.

That most beautiful girl who got Kang Ma-Roo’s heart is no other than Han Jae-Hee (Park Si-Yeon).

She is the usual ambitious type and she despises her background. Han Jae-hee experienced a hard life when she was young, getting beaten up by her brother with a prostitute mother, that fact pushed her to be who she is right now. She will do everything to get on ahead with life and that is even sacrificing the man she loves, Kang Ma-Roo.

On the other hand, Seo Eun Gi (Moon Chae Won) is the brilliant and sole heir of Tae San Group, a huge Korean corporation. She is rude and does not trust anyone, literally a skeptic, but when she met Kang Ma-Roo, all of that outer shell shattered.


Kang Ma-Roo and Han Jae-hee are dating. They were doing just fine. He loves her and she loves him.

Until one call destroyed everything…

One night, while Kang Ma-Roo was attending to his sickly sister, Han Jae-hee called him. She was flustered. She just accidentally killed a man and asked Kang Ma-Roo to revive that man. Though his sister is badly sick that he’s about to take her to the hospital, out of his obsession for Han Jae-hee, he left his sick sister and rushed to Han Jae-hee.

Upon arriving to the hotel room, he saw Han Jae-hee sitting at the corner, unable to think straight. The victim is already dead.

He tried comforting Han Jae-hee and asked her to surrender to the police, perhaps she might be spared since it is a self-defense.

But Han Jae-hee, considering how she got into her current position as a TV reporter, refused. She said she’d rather die than return to what she considers trash life. Thinking it was love, Kang Ma-Roo came to a conclusion. He suddenly removed all the evidences. He decided to confess instead of Han Jae-hee. He paid for her crime.

Kang Ma-Roo was imprisoned.

After a couple of years, he went out of prison. From an expelled medical student, he became a gigolo who sells his body to wealthy women.

And the woman he thought was still waiting for him has become the mistress of Tae San Group’s chairman. She just became Seo Eun Gi’s stepmother.

Seo Eun Gi just hated her to the bones.

The 1st meeting: In the same way, while Ma-Roo is on his way back to Korea, coincidentally he was in the same flight with Jae-Hee, her son, and Eun Gi. Eun Gi got really ill to the point that she could die. Since there was no licensed doctor during the flight, Ma-Roo had no choice but to do the first aid. To his surprise, while reviving Eun Gi, he saw Jae-Hee and her son.

From a nice guy, Kang Ma-Roo turned into a lifeless and rude man. You can seldom see him smile.

[Can’t believe his beautiful face got beaten up like that.:'(]

Unwilling to accept the fact that his beloved woman has just become a business tycoon’s mistress, he blindly waited for her. But because Han Jae-hee, as Kang Ma-Roo quoted, “is like a car without a break that is just accelerating.” She doesn’t know when to stop. Even that beating was caused by her due to misunderstanding. She just left Kang Ma-Roo no choice. He resorted to bring her down to where she is supposed to be – to the trash that she hates. He planned his revenge and the most useful person to accomplish his revenge is Seo Eun Gi.

He planned everything starting from how they met…

The 2nd meeting: Maru saved Eun Gi from a motorcycle accident. It was at the same time planned and unplanned.

Though Eun-Gi was dubious at first, because of Ma-Roo’s persistence, she fell for him – madly in love. They dated. Eun Gi was really in love and Ma-Roo is just pretending until it came to the point that even though Eun Gi already discovered his past, she still loved him.

As he came to know Eun Gi, Ma-Roo started to regret using her in his revenge.

Eun Gi discovered about Ma-Roo and Jae-Hee’s past relationship. She got really hurt, but despite of it, she was still willing to come to him. To protect her from his plan, Ma-Roo lied that he would do anything to get Jae-Hee back. He hurt Eun Gi to the point that the hurt she felt turned into anger.

The break-up scene:

[I really don’t like it when the main character would say those harsh words just to protect the person they love.>:(]

Eun Gi got extremely mad.

While driving, she received a message that her father already passed away. (Jae-Hee and Atty. Ahn’s doing) She doesn’t know what to do anymore. With great anger, she drove back to where Ma-Roo is intending to kill Ma-Roo and die at the same time. Ma-Roo saw her while she’s speeding up towards him. Although he can avoid it, he welcomed death.

For a year, Eun Gi got missing. She lost her memory and even became illiterate. Ma-Roo waited for her.

The only one Eun Gi knows is Ma-Roo because of the photos they’ve taken in the past. Although she doesn’t remember him, she looked for him. Then one day, they met again.

From a rude lady, Eun Gi turned out to be a bright and cheerful girl. Just like before, she loved Ma-Roo, but this time Ma-Roo loved her, too. He helped her regain the position she has lost to Jae-Hee, who is now the president of Tae-san, in exchange for half of Tae-San. This time, they shared a beautiful love.

As Ma-Roo’s illness, which was caused by the car accident, worsens. He refused surgery to keep the happiness he has with Eun Gi.

It was sweet when Ma-Roo asked his friend on where do people go on dates, when in fact, he was previously a gigolo.:)

But fate is just like that, as soon as Ma-Roo planned to propose, she recalled her bitter memories. Her focus now is on revenge to the people who hurt her and killed her father. She’s really furious, except for Ma-Roo. She just loves him deeper than the hate she feels for him. No matter how much she tries to hate him, she just can’t.

Trying to control her feelings, she tried manipulating Ma-Roo. And although Ma-Roo soon discovered that she already regains her memory, he pretended not to know.

The battle started again among Han Jae-Hee, Seo Eun Gi, and Kang Ma-roo. To protect Eun Gi from Jae-Hee, Ma-Roo even sold himself to Jae-Hee who is still in love with him. In exchange, she will step out from where she is right now. He promised to be with her, but not his love. As greedy as she is, she asked for his love, which he cannot give. So he asked Eun Gi to run away with him, but thinking that he’s just playing with her, she refused.

Ma-Roo had his illness worsen and he needed surgery immediately. Upon knowing that, Jae-Hee crumbled. As hurt as she is, she informed Eun Gi about it. Eun Gi realized that everything he is doing is for her. At the same time, that wicked Atty. Han planned to stab Eun Gi, however Ma-Roo blocked it. Oh well, that was overly dramatic.

Why does he have to stay longer if he can go to the hospital? Or was it just the director’s way to make the people think that he’ll die?

Han Jae-Hee surrendered to the police, clearing Ma-Roo’s name. She was sent to jail for 7 years.

I thought he will die… but then, he prayed for a new start.

After the surgery, Ma-Roo went abroad to continue his studies. But then, as a side effect from the surgery, he suffered from prosopagnosia. Although he remembers Eun Gi, he cannot recognize her face. So Eun Gi has been chasing after him all along.

So he finally recognized her.

The end…


As far as the story is concerned, I think this drama is overly dramatic with annoying antagonists and even protagonists. Though the story is great, in here, you’ll just ask, “Isn’t it too much?” I really do not prefer this kind of genre, but because of Song Joong Ki, I watched it anyway.:) I was about to give up on the 8th episode. The writer really established how evil Han Jae-Hee is, but i think it ate up too many episodes that I think the supposedly episodes that will show how much Kang Ma-Roo and Eun Gi love each other have been lessened. They immersed so much in that already established fact. I think they wasted few episodes of this drama for Han Jae-Hee  and the episodes that will further depict how deep Ma Roo and Eun Gi love each other is really lacking. In short, they have exchange the not so important episodes to the supposedly establishing episodes of Ma Roo and Eun Gi.

That Kang Ma-Roo is a great liar but when he must say something, he wouldn’t speak… it does not appeal to me as well as Eun Gi’s rudeness.

I think, if I will sum up the happy moments in those 20 episodes, I cannot even have a 1 full episode with happy moments.

With regard to character, I think Park Si-Yeon is the best fit in her character – that atrocious personality hiding in a very innocent face. She did a great job crying pathetically as if she’s the victim, pretending to be a damsel in distress but with a mind that’s full of greed and wickedness.

Moon Chae Won, well she has proven her acting ability in Princess’s Man. But sorry to say, I like her character there more. The rude character does not suit her angelic face. She’s flexible though and she can really act.

Song Joong Ki, well is he the epitome of innocence? How can his face look that innocent and kind like a baby as if no one has the right to hurt him?!:) The only thing that’s missing here is his smile… 🙂 How could the writer and director prevented him to smile in this drama?! I really missed that overflowing smiles he had in Sungkyunkwan Scandal.:) Indeed, he’s a great actor. He delivered his character well although his character is really annoying.

Over all, this drama is just good, not the best. I mean not something that you would want to watch over and over again or has the scenes that would linger in your mind.

Out of 10, my rating is 7.

Well, that’s it for not so Innocent Man.:)