You Who Came from the Stars Straight to My Heart

You Who Came from the Stars Review

Before I start writing about my review on this drama, I’ll just let out a little <giggle>. No, a huge one rather!>.< Kim Soo Hyun oppa! Wah!

tumblr_mvws0a7MTu1qkpkkwo1_250 Calm down. Calm down. … …. Okay, I’ll start on my review. Haha! Sorry, I just can’t help it. Whenever I remember something about this drama, it makes me feel all giddy inside. Haha! Here it goes… really. It has been more than a year since I last watched a Korean drama that really made a huge impact on me. It was a medical drama entitled Brain. Seriously, I thought Koreans were running out of good stories to produce. That’s what I thought before I watched this.

You Who Came from the Star
You Who Came from the Star

Let’s start with the cast:

Kim Soo Hyun a.k.a Do Min Joon Do Min Joon I first saw Kim Soo Hyun in Dream High and I didn’t budge about him–not even a bit. I don’t find him charming in that drama. Though, yeah, he’s pretty talented. BUT, it’s different in My Love from Another Star. He’s different. He’s gone matured. Do Min Joon is an alien who came from a far, far away star who’s also gifted with supernatural powers, which he concealed so he can live an unnoticed, normal life as human. He doesn’t want to relate with humans that much because he knows he’ll soon leave anyway. To avoid being questioned because his appearance does not change, he had to fake his death every 10 years. He’s been a scholar, soldier, doctor, lawyer, etc. and lastly a professor. He had acquired great wealth, not to mention the great learning having lived for 400 years. He’s smart. He’s conceited. He’s absolutely good-looking (obviously). He’s every Korean male lead you can ask for. After watching this drama, I really see him as an alien. Lol.

(Trivia: First, I read that it was Kim Soo Hyun who personally called Jun Ji Hyun to accept the role. But actually, as per research, it was actually Jun Ji Hyun who called Kim Soo Hyun to accept the role because they became close in their movie The Thieves. She just called him and said, “let’s do this!” Thank you, Jun Ji Hyun! haha)

Jun Ji Hyun a.k.a Cheon Song Yi Cheon Song Yi Oh I’m such a fan! I actually watched this drama because of her. Cheon Song Yi is Korea’s top star. She started as a child actress until she became the superstar. She’s got the beauty and talent; however, being a top star, she’s gifted with rudeness too. Haha! Having started as a child star, she’s also not that smart, though her dialogs prove her cleverness. She’s a little psychotic, but clever when she has to. Actually, what I loved most about her is that she’s not afraid to make a mess of herself. She’s that confident. That’s why I think she’s just perfect for this role. I couldn’t think of anyone who can do this better than her. (Trivia: I read that the role was really meant for her. The writers/director also couldn’t think of anyone who would fit in the role aside from her. She’s just perfect!)

Park Hae Jin a.k.a. Lee Hwi Kyung Lee Hwi Kyung   Lee Hwi Kyung is probably one of the best third parties out there. He’s neither annoying nor obsessed though it’s clear that he loves Song Yi so much. 15 years of waiting? Isn’t it enough proof that he loves her?! He’s a chaebol, a son to one of Korea’s wealthiest families. He’s a little careless and cool. He’s very kind, but childish. He fell in love with Song Yi when they were still high school students when Song Yi was the only one who did not like him. Song Yi kept on rejecting him, but still, he waited. He remained as a friend while waiting for her.

Yoo In Na a.k.a Yoo Se Mi Yoo Se Mi   I find Yoo In Na pretty cute in Secret Garden and Queen In Hyun’s Man. It suits her very well. So I was a little skeptic when I start seeing her real character as Yoo Se Mi. Yoo Se Mi is Cheon Song Yi’s frenemy—pretending to be Song Yi’s bestfriend, but in fact, she’s a jealous/bitter backstabbing friend. She’s always the supporting cast while Song Yi is the star. Worse is she likes Hwi Kyung from the start. These 2 things caused her envy Song Yi so much. Though, she’s not that annoying here. She’s actually more of a pathetic frenemy, not someone you will hate to the bones.

Story: 400 years ago, a spaceship landed on earth, where a gorgeous alien came from. Upon landing on earth, he saved a 15-year old widow who was about to fall off a cliff. They became friends, but something tragic happened that led to his unwanted stay here on earth. you who came from the star 5 For the past 4 centuries, he tried living a normal life as possible. Though, he does not relate with humans that much because he can’t mix blood with them. Also, for the reason that even the people he helped in the past accused him of this and that once they found out about his supernatural powers. So, he just withdrew.

Finally, the one thing he’s been waiting for years will happen. In 3 months, their spaceship that travels only every 400 years is arriving on earth. Now, he can finally go home—to that faraway star. Until one ordinary day, something that will disturb his peaceful stay on earth happened. Cheon Song Yi, Korea’s top star, moved in next to his apartment.

Cheon Song Yi, oozing with her superstar ego, accused Do Min Joon of being a stalker upon their first meeting. That same night, Song Yi sang aloud (and badly) to release her stress because of her haters and because Do Min Joon has a supernatural hearing power, he heard her even though her unit is sound proofed. He got so irritated that he suddenly went out to scold her. And the war started.

After a series of embarrassing posts on social media, the netizens noticed that she is not going to school although enrolled. It created a huge issue that she was sent to school immediately only to find out that the man she accused of being a stalker is her professor. And this is where THEIR story began. you who came from the star 6 Do Min Joon might not have wanted it (at first), but he was always to the rescue whenever Cheon Song Yi creates a mess (which is usually). He stands as her doctor, professor, lawyer, and her Manager Do. She even lived in his house for a couple of days when this huge issue hits. She’s not aware as well why he’s the first one she thinks of whenever she’s in trouble. Soooo sweet!:) ihuycj When Cheon Song Yi’s life got in danger because of Hwi Kyung’s psychotic brother, this is when Do Min Joon really protects her with his utmost. you who came from the stars At the same time, he was starting to like her. Or did he like her from the start? >.< BUT because he only has 3 months left, he had to avoid the feeling that’s slowly growing between them. Though, what can he do? As his lawyer friend/father figure told him, “I can settle your wealth but not your heart.”>.< So he tried pushing her away, but Song Yi is persistent. I loved Song Yi’s bravery to admit her feelings.:) cheon song yi confession He’s been a ghost bodyguard to her, protecting her even when she doesn’t know it, guarding her even at the risk of his own existence.

Favorite scenes: Jun Ji Hyun is really funny!:D Cheon Song Yi 2 Cheon Song Yi 3 MyLoveFromBigHeadStar3 MyLoveFromBigHeadStar4 you who came from the stars 3 Do Min Joon’s cute moments when he’s tamed by Song Yi.>.< do min joon 3 do min joon 4 do min joon 5 do min joon 7 images (1) The heartbreaking moments.:'( 7Gft9e9 my love from another star 5 you who came from the stars 2 The sweetest moments.>.<

you who came from the stars 4
This, i think, is my most favorite scene ever! Hahah

do min joon 1 images maxresdefault star9-00036 Review: I just love this drama soooo much! The story is just like the combination of many Korean dramas, but they pull all the elements very well. For the cast, shocks! It’s perfect especially Jun Ji Hyun as Cheon Song Yi. I just couldn’t think of anyone who can do this better than her–messing with herself while staying gorgeous is her specialty. tumblr_mze8t1OGAX1rodmblo5_250 About Kim Soo Hyun, they just created another heartthrob in him. He looks really gorgeous in this drama. It’s like that his turning more gorgeous in every episode. I love when he cries moreover when he smirks!>.< You-Who-Came-From-the-Stars-image-you-who-came-from-the-stars-36435713-500-200 What I like most about this drama is the story could be a little childish and monotonous, but they proved me wrong, very wrong. Having an alien as the male lead did not appeal to me at first. Lol I thought there will be a lot of exaggerated special effects and out-of-this world scenes. 😀 This drama excelled in comedy and romance without being too melodramatic. I mean it’s just the right dose, but the feeling is really obvious. How can a young man and a married woman have that kind of amazing chemistry? >.< It seems that they are just so comfortable with each other or they’re just that good. This drama made me think, “oh no Jun Ji Hyun, why did you marry that early?” Also, I believe Kim Soo Hyun has gone matured here. He’s no longer the young guy whom I didn’t notice at Dream High. Haha! Kim Soo Hyun just changed my perspective about aliens.:D

Every episode just keeps on getting better. There’s not a single boring episode. All are hilarious at the same time romantic.:) The ending, of course, they left me asking for more, but they made the ending acceptable. I meant brilliant. I didn’t think of that. Am I the only one who didn’t?:D

The soundtracks are also awesome. I’m listening to them while writing this review. Haha

This Korean Drama is just one of the best. The story may not be that original but they owned it. Kim Soo Hyun is now Do Min Jun oppa and Jun Ji Hyun is now Cheon Song Yi-eonni.:) And most of all, the aliens now are heartthrobs. Haha!


To end this review, my rating for this drama is 9.9 out of 10. Thumbs-up! Must-watch!:D Goodbye, Manager Do!:'(

kim soo hyun crying Next on the list is the Master’s Sun.:)


Brain – Korean Drama Review


Brain! Brain! Brain! You just occupied my wandering brain that wanted to rest. 🙂

How do I start writing about this fantastic drama? I couldn’t think of the exact word to describe this one. Anyway, to start with, we just finished our project at work so I’m a glorious bum for an entire week.:) After an exhausting project, I managed to have my free time to enjoy my favorite hobby – and that’s watching Korean dramas. Too bad I ran out of dramas to watch. Actually, I’m a bit disappointed with Korean dramas nowadays, some are just incomparable to their previous works. I browsed for some good dramas, but couldn’t find any. I’m not in the mood for heavy dramas nor romantic ones. I just wanted something different.

Then I saw this drama so-called Brain. I haven’t heard of it before. The main actor, at first glance, does not appeal to me at all. I tried browsing for the reviews, and I found out that it’s a great work. So… I decided to try it! Anyway, I’ve always been a fan of medical dramas since I really admire doctors. They look smart and neat!lol

Meet The Doctors:


Dr. Lee Gang Hun, portrayed by the Legendary actor Shin Ha Kyun, is an outrageously arrogant neurosurgeon in Chunha University. He’s a perfectionist, ambitious, but…. a genius young neurosurgeon whom everyone hates. Technically, he is Mr. I-Know-It-Better-Than-Anyone-Else. He is embarrassed of being poor so he neglects his loving mother and sister. He has a past that he wants to cover up with his achievements. Proving he’s the best, he always competes with his fellow doctor and former classmate who was born with everything, Dr. Seo Joon-Suk (Jo Dong Hyeok).


Dr. Yoon Ji-Hye is a kind and warm-hearted, however a careless neurosurgeon. She is hardworking but often commits errors in her practice. She hates Dr. Lee Gang Hun due to his arrogance. However, as time passes by, she saw Lee Gang Hun as someone who needs help. She tried to help him until she fell in love with him.

images (1)

Professor Kim Sang Chul is the best neurosurgeon in South Korea. He’s a great doctor in terms of his skills and his treatment to his patients. He is very kind, which Lee Gang Hun finds as hypocrisy. Like Lee Gang Hun, he has a past that he buried but when he met Lee Gang Hun, all those nightmares start coming back to his life.

Here it goes…

Surprisingly, the first episode already hooked me up. The surgeries are nerve-wrecking! Come to think of it, I am not a fan of bloody things. I just can’t look at it. But because I find this drama really interesting, I swallowed it up and focused my entire attention to it.

The story is just typical. It has neither too complicated twists nor fairy tale romance – it’s plainly about the lives of these surgeons inside the hospital. That’s why this drama is just brilliant. They managed to pin the viewers with its simplicity. Every episode is dragging, you will not get bored. It’s actually fast paced. Issues are here and there, but are solved the next day. I also love that there’s no annoying third party involved.

The music whenever they have a surgery is really heart-thumping. My goodness, I’m even praying that the patient wouldn’t die!lol This is how this drama affects me. What I also love the most is when Dr. Lee prepares for his surgery! He’s really gorgeous when he does that scrubbing thing and when he enters the OR with his hands up. waaaahhhhh!!! Can’t believe a 40 year-old actor would make me feel this way! >.< He is indeed oozing with appeal and intelligence when he’s in his gown. Yes, admit it, he’s not the best-looking Korean actor out there, but his role as a doctor just gave him a hundredfold share of appeal.

I remembered first seeing him in one vampire movie before when he’s a geeky freak (lol you won’t believe it’s also him) and in Welcome to Dongmakgol where…. oh well I barely noticed him there. If I didn’t watch this drama, I wouldn’t have realized it was him. It’s also funny when he flips off his gown to show his arrogance and when he wants to walk to show off.

Aside from those physical facts, I love his wit. But I really hate his arrogance. He’s too ambitious that he can sacrifice his pride for it. Actually he’s already annoying because of his ultra-magnetic-super-sonic arrogance!:D He’s always full of grudge that’s why he seldom smiles. And when he does…. >.<

Out of all these stresses they show inside the hospital, what a breath of fresh air is the slight romance between Dr. Lee Gang Hun and Yoon Ji-Hye. It is very minimal, but sweet and simple. Who wouldn’t want to see how this conceited doctor acts when he’s in love? It’s really cute when he’s pretending not to care and keeping his blossoming feelings inside. >.<

Aside from the romance, applause for the lead actors for delivering such great performances. I admire them because they seem to really study how doctors move. It’s effortless. Anyway, I’ll just mention the performance of Professor Kim Sang Chul and of course, Shin Ha Kyun as Lee Gang Hun. Lee Gang Hun just made me angry, tremble, and cried A LOT! His eyes convey it all since it’s his character to keep his emotions inside. I can feel the pain when that tragic moment (not to spoil) happened. When he cried, I cried the more!lol Also, when he’s being humiliated and he’s trying not to cry, I really pity him. When he screams, I got scared!

I still have a lot of things to say with regard to this drama, but I’ve decided to make it short and leave the rest to those who watched and who will watch this drama. All in all, Brain is fantastic! A masterpiece yet to be uncovered. I just don’t know why this is not so popular. Maybe because it’s not a romantic drama and it has no big stars to start with? Oh well, it’s really a waste not to watch it. Now, this is one of my favorites! Ahm, in terms of medical drama, then this is the best for me.:)

I just wanna tell Shin Ha Kyun, if you can read this… I am now your fan!:D

Great job to all casts and crew of Brain! Applause. I hope there’s a part 2! The ending left me asking for more… 😥

Bye bye Shin Ha Kyun! Till your next work of art!:D


My overall rating for Brain is 10 out of 10.

The Not So Innocent Man – Song Joong Ki

The Innocent Man Review

After watching the entire drama, my question is: “Why was it titled Innocent man”? He’s not innocent at all nor a nice guy, but his face is.:) Just my random


Kang Ma-Roo (Song Joong Ki) is a young and very promising medical student. His intellect is above average. He “was” nice and will do everything for the woman he loves.

That most beautiful girl who got Kang Ma-Roo’s heart is no other than Han Jae-Hee (Park Si-Yeon).

She is the usual ambitious type and she despises her background. Han Jae-hee experienced a hard life when she was young, getting beaten up by her brother with a prostitute mother, that fact pushed her to be who she is right now. She will do everything to get on ahead with life and that is even sacrificing the man she loves, Kang Ma-Roo.

On the other hand, Seo Eun Gi (Moon Chae Won) is the brilliant and sole heir of Tae San Group, a huge Korean corporation. She is rude and does not trust anyone, literally a skeptic, but when she met Kang Ma-Roo, all of that outer shell shattered.


Kang Ma-Roo and Han Jae-hee are dating. They were doing just fine. He loves her and she loves him.

Until one call destroyed everything…

One night, while Kang Ma-Roo was attending to his sickly sister, Han Jae-hee called him. She was flustered. She just accidentally killed a man and asked Kang Ma-Roo to revive that man. Though his sister is badly sick that he’s about to take her to the hospital, out of his obsession for Han Jae-hee, he left his sick sister and rushed to Han Jae-hee.

Upon arriving to the hotel room, he saw Han Jae-hee sitting at the corner, unable to think straight. The victim is already dead.

He tried comforting Han Jae-hee and asked her to surrender to the police, perhaps she might be spared since it is a self-defense.

But Han Jae-hee, considering how she got into her current position as a TV reporter, refused. She said she’d rather die than return to what she considers trash life. Thinking it was love, Kang Ma-Roo came to a conclusion. He suddenly removed all the evidences. He decided to confess instead of Han Jae-hee. He paid for her crime.

Kang Ma-Roo was imprisoned.

After a couple of years, he went out of prison. From an expelled medical student, he became a gigolo who sells his body to wealthy women.

And the woman he thought was still waiting for him has become the mistress of Tae San Group’s chairman. She just became Seo Eun Gi’s stepmother.

Seo Eun Gi just hated her to the bones.

The 1st meeting: In the same way, while Ma-Roo is on his way back to Korea, coincidentally he was in the same flight with Jae-Hee, her son, and Eun Gi. Eun Gi got really ill to the point that she could die. Since there was no licensed doctor during the flight, Ma-Roo had no choice but to do the first aid. To his surprise, while reviving Eun Gi, he saw Jae-Hee and her son.

From a nice guy, Kang Ma-Roo turned into a lifeless and rude man. You can seldom see him smile.

[Can’t believe his beautiful face got beaten up like that.:'(]

Unwilling to accept the fact that his beloved woman has just become a business tycoon’s mistress, he blindly waited for her. But because Han Jae-hee, as Kang Ma-Roo quoted, “is like a car without a break that is just accelerating.” She doesn’t know when to stop. Even that beating was caused by her due to misunderstanding. She just left Kang Ma-Roo no choice. He resorted to bring her down to where she is supposed to be – to the trash that she hates. He planned his revenge and the most useful person to accomplish his revenge is Seo Eun Gi.

He planned everything starting from how they met…

The 2nd meeting: Maru saved Eun Gi from a motorcycle accident. It was at the same time planned and unplanned.

Though Eun-Gi was dubious at first, because of Ma-Roo’s persistence, she fell for him – madly in love. They dated. Eun Gi was really in love and Ma-Roo is just pretending until it came to the point that even though Eun Gi already discovered his past, she still loved him.

As he came to know Eun Gi, Ma-Roo started to regret using her in his revenge.

Eun Gi discovered about Ma-Roo and Jae-Hee’s past relationship. She got really hurt, but despite of it, she was still willing to come to him. To protect her from his plan, Ma-Roo lied that he would do anything to get Jae-Hee back. He hurt Eun Gi to the point that the hurt she felt turned into anger.

The break-up scene:

[I really don’t like it when the main character would say those harsh words just to protect the person they love.>:(]

Eun Gi got extremely mad.

While driving, she received a message that her father already passed away. (Jae-Hee and Atty. Ahn’s doing) She doesn’t know what to do anymore. With great anger, she drove back to where Ma-Roo is intending to kill Ma-Roo and die at the same time. Ma-Roo saw her while she’s speeding up towards him. Although he can avoid it, he welcomed death.

For a year, Eun Gi got missing. She lost her memory and even became illiterate. Ma-Roo waited for her.

The only one Eun Gi knows is Ma-Roo because of the photos they’ve taken in the past. Although she doesn’t remember him, she looked for him. Then one day, they met again.

From a rude lady, Eun Gi turned out to be a bright and cheerful girl. Just like before, she loved Ma-Roo, but this time Ma-Roo loved her, too. He helped her regain the position she has lost to Jae-Hee, who is now the president of Tae-san, in exchange for half of Tae-San. This time, they shared a beautiful love.

As Ma-Roo’s illness, which was caused by the car accident, worsens. He refused surgery to keep the happiness he has with Eun Gi.

It was sweet when Ma-Roo asked his friend on where do people go on dates, when in fact, he was previously a gigolo.:)

But fate is just like that, as soon as Ma-Roo planned to propose, she recalled her bitter memories. Her focus now is on revenge to the people who hurt her and killed her father. She’s really furious, except for Ma-Roo. She just loves him deeper than the hate she feels for him. No matter how much she tries to hate him, she just can’t.

Trying to control her feelings, she tried manipulating Ma-Roo. And although Ma-Roo soon discovered that she already regains her memory, he pretended not to know.

The battle started again among Han Jae-Hee, Seo Eun Gi, and Kang Ma-roo. To protect Eun Gi from Jae-Hee, Ma-Roo even sold himself to Jae-Hee who is still in love with him. In exchange, she will step out from where she is right now. He promised to be with her, but not his love. As greedy as she is, she asked for his love, which he cannot give. So he asked Eun Gi to run away with him, but thinking that he’s just playing with her, she refused.

Ma-Roo had his illness worsen and he needed surgery immediately. Upon knowing that, Jae-Hee crumbled. As hurt as she is, she informed Eun Gi about it. Eun Gi realized that everything he is doing is for her. At the same time, that wicked Atty. Han planned to stab Eun Gi, however Ma-Roo blocked it. Oh well, that was overly dramatic.

Why does he have to stay longer if he can go to the hospital? Or was it just the director’s way to make the people think that he’ll die?

Han Jae-Hee surrendered to the police, clearing Ma-Roo’s name. She was sent to jail for 7 years.

I thought he will die… but then, he prayed for a new start.

After the surgery, Ma-Roo went abroad to continue his studies. But then, as a side effect from the surgery, he suffered from prosopagnosia. Although he remembers Eun Gi, he cannot recognize her face. So Eun Gi has been chasing after him all along.

So he finally recognized her.

The end…


As far as the story is concerned, I think this drama is overly dramatic with annoying antagonists and even protagonists. Though the story is great, in here, you’ll just ask, “Isn’t it too much?” I really do not prefer this kind of genre, but because of Song Joong Ki, I watched it anyway.:) I was about to give up on the 8th episode. The writer really established how evil Han Jae-Hee is, but i think it ate up too many episodes that I think the supposedly episodes that will show how much Kang Ma-Roo and Eun Gi love each other have been lessened. They immersed so much in that already established fact. I think they wasted few episodes of this drama for Han Jae-Hee  and the episodes that will further depict how deep Ma Roo and Eun Gi love each other is really lacking. In short, they have exchange the not so important episodes to the supposedly establishing episodes of Ma Roo and Eun Gi.

That Kang Ma-Roo is a great liar but when he must say something, he wouldn’t speak… it does not appeal to me as well as Eun Gi’s rudeness.

I think, if I will sum up the happy moments in those 20 episodes, I cannot even have a 1 full episode with happy moments.

With regard to character, I think Park Si-Yeon is the best fit in her character – that atrocious personality hiding in a very innocent face. She did a great job crying pathetically as if she’s the victim, pretending to be a damsel in distress but with a mind that’s full of greed and wickedness.

Moon Chae Won, well she has proven her acting ability in Princess’s Man. But sorry to say, I like her character there more. The rude character does not suit her angelic face. She’s flexible though and she can really act.

Song Joong Ki, well is he the epitome of innocence? How can his face look that innocent and kind like a baby as if no one has the right to hurt him?!:) The only thing that’s missing here is his smile… 🙂 How could the writer and director prevented him to smile in this drama?! I really missed that overflowing smiles he had in Sungkyunkwan Scandal.:) Indeed, he’s a great actor. He delivered his character well although his character is really annoying.

Over all, this drama is just good, not the best. I mean not something that you would want to watch over and over again or has the scenes that would linger in your mind.

Out of 10, my rating is 7.

Well, that’s it for not so Innocent Man.:)

The Perfect Aroma of Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye at the Coffee Prince

It took me a long time to make a review about this drama. Sorry!:P

Well, what can I say? Coffee Prince… I have watched this drama thrice and I think I can still go for more!:) This is my most favorite Kdrama ever!!! I just love everything from the story to casting and portrayals. I really think that GY and YEH are the best choices for this drama. They’re just perfect for their respective roles. Oh and the chemistry… it’s really natural to the point that I hoped they were really dating.<3

Let’s start with the cast:

Yoon Eun Hye a.k.a Go Eun Chan, the breadwinner and acts as the head of her poor family. Her character is really hardworking that she accepts any job offered to her as long as she gets the money for her family.

I first saw her in Princess Hours and I didn’t really like her back then. I find her acting in Princess Hours a bit exaggerated, so when I saw the trailer of Coffee Prince, I asked, “Why her?”

BUT, she really super improved a lot! She’s very natural as Go Eun Chan, not a trying-hard-to-be-boyish type, and I like the fact that she really cut her hair for the drama. She’s so good that I couldn’t think of anyone to portray as Go Eun Chan except her. She slayed that character. Excellent!:)

Gong Yoo a.k.a Choi Han Kyul

Our handsome prince. A rich and rude grandson of the wealthy owner of a huge coffee factory that also owns the Coffee Prince Cafe.  Everything about him here is just way too perfect from the way he dresses, to the way he carries his comedic acts, to the way he looks at Go Eun Chan–from anger and pain to love and happiness. He’s the perfect Choi Han Kyul!

 Chae Jung-an a.k.a  Han Yoo-joo

Her role is a world-renowned painter and Choi Han Kyul’s first love interest. She is what he says–his hobby, like drinking water in the morning. Chow Han Kyul had loved her ever since they were young. She is also Choi Han Kyul’s cousin’s ex-girlfriend. I love how independent and cool she is in this story. The usual third party is bratty, but she’s not:)

     Lee Sun-gyun a.k.a Choi Han-seong, a musical director. He’s Han Yon-joo’s lover that she left for another guy. He’s kind and smart with a really cute dog.

He is also Go Eun Chan’s first love interest, for the reason that he sees her as a girl unlike everybody else.

Meet the other princes (Jin Ha-rim, Noh Sun-ki, and Hwang Min-yeop)

Among these 4 princes, Hwang Min-yeop is my favorite! He really added life to the story.:)


               Go Eun Chan is a hardworking and energetic girl who works for her family. Being the head of the family, she seemed to forget being a girl. She’s got a lot of work and that includes food delivery, being a taekwondo teacher, and more. On the other hand, Choi Han Kyul is a rude chaebol who just came back from the U.S.A.

               Our leads first met when Eun Chan delivered Han Kyul’s meal while he was just wearing a towel wiping his legs. Eun Chan got really shocked that she left without collecting his payment. The next meeting was when Hwang Min-yeop tried snatching Han Yoo-joo’s bag and Eun Chan tried catching him only to find out that he did that to pay for her younger sister’s tuition whom he loves. So, she tried to release him, but because Hwang Min-yeop is a little slow, Han Kyul noticed and thought it was a connivance. Because of that incident, Eun Chan lost her delivery job so she was forced to ask Han Kyul for a thank you gift for retrieving Han Yoo-joo’s bag. Although Han Kyul does not believe her, he asked her to come for the thank you gift. When Eun Chan arrived, Han Kyul insulted her and her family thinking that she’s involved in the robbery. Because of that, Eun Chan did not leave him, asking him to apologize for insulting her family.

               Han Kyul, not wanting to marry, did everything to make his blind dates unsuccessful. Finally, he thought of an idea to make his grandma stop. He then hired Eun Chan as his fake lover, thinking she’s a guy. In return, she’ll be paid. When his grandmother found out, she got really angry and so as a punishment, gave Coffee Prince for him to manage. A cafe that looks more of a pigsty.

              Seeing how Eun Chan works so hard for her family, Han Kyul hired her as one of the baristas. She pretended to be a guy since only males were being hired. And that’s how it all started…

                While they started to like each other, they also fought like cats and dogs.

The Unforgettable Moments:

The first heartbeat.:)

Han Kyul was really frustrated, and how come he thought of Eun Chan? So, he asked her to come to his house. Maybe to bully her???:)

The second sign… Han Kyul was making fun of her.<3<3<3

The hug. waaahhhh!!! 🙂

Eun Chan is really cute when she’s blowing her hair.:)

See that look? hahah he couldn’t take it anymore! He finds Eun Chan really cute when she blows her hair!:)

What I like most about Korea’s romantic moments is when the man grabs the woman! So sweet!:) Prepare Eun Chan!!:)

Now, that’s your punishment for blowing your hair in front of Han Kyul! waaahhh!!!:) Actually, he was testing himself if he is really a gay since he’s starting to like Eun Chan. And I really love how his knees trembled after the surprising hug!:)

And so… they fell in love… secretly.

The next one is the most heartbreaking scene in this drama when Han Kyul could not fight his feelings anymore, so he decided to bid goodbye. This scene is just so beautiful and pure. I mean, it has all the emotions it needs. You can really feel the heartache. Gong Yoo is really excellent in this scene. The pain and love that cannot be said, he expressed them clearly through his eyes and gestures. I love it!

The beach scene. 😥

Because he thought they couldn’t be together, he kept all those heartache unsaid.

Really heart breaking. sob sob 😥

To keep Eun Chan away from him, he started being rude again. They fought. He cried. She cried. If only he knew…

But since the passion is so strong, no matter what he did, he cannot take her out of his mind. He just gave up the battle he’s clearly losing.

So one night, when Eun Chan was left in the cafe, he came rushing and kissed her.:)

“I don’t care what you are… but just once, just this once… let’s try and see how far we can go.” – Han Kyul


And so they became a couple even without knowing that she’s a she. They were overwhelmed since the feeling they’ve been keeping for so long can already be expressed. But of course in any drama, right after the happiest moment comes the problem.

He discovered the truth.

What’s worse is that Eun Chan was not able to tell him herself because of Jin Ha-rim’s big mouth! At that, they broke up. Well, I can fully understand Han Kyul. He was deceived and embarrassed at the same time. He confessed love to someone he thought was a guy. He was really furious.

But of course, love covers all, even hatred. And they’re back again in each other’s arms. <3<3<3

Oh, if someone could also do that for me… he’s singing to Go Eun Chan to wake her up. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTT!!!:)

There are still tons of sweet moments.

The next problem they had is Han Kyul’s grandmother who dislikes Eun Chan, but eventually liked her anyway. Han Kyul wanted to marry her right away, but because she’s still young and has to work for her family, she asked for time. As a scholar, she was sent to study abroad as a barista by Han Kyul’s grandmother and also to test her character.

Oh this was heartbreaking… Gong Yoo really bursts out in here.:'(

But of course, Eun Chan returned… after 2 long years.:)

The End…


I love the entire story from the first to the last episode–every minute of it. The story is light without heavy slice of life dramas. I also loved the fact that this one has no annoying antagonists. Although there are hindrances, there’s no evil and immortal third party or what. YEH and Gong Yoo have given their best to make the drama excellent. I just couldn’t say anything bad about this drama. Everything falls to its right place. I just hoped that I could see their wedding in the end. Anyway, they ended it cleanly.

Kudos to the writers, director, actors, and all the staff. I hope you can make something as good as this again!

My rating is 10 out of 10!!!:)

Till my next drama review!