Summer Is Here In Boracay!

The Boracay Getaway!:D

I ‘was’ never a fan of Boracay. When I see it in news during summer, it’s too crowded and I’m not the type to go for crowded beaches even if it’s the best. I’d rather be in an isolated island to have my privacy. I go for a vacation to relax. Duh! How can I appreciate the beauty of a place if people are walking here and there in front of me? BUT, that was …. before.:)

So many friends encouraged me to go and visit this famous beach, until I finally agreed!:D

How To Get There: 

We booked our flight a year ago. Our flight was from Manila to Caticlan, but since it’s really hard getting a round trip promo flight to Caticlan, we’ve decided to book just 1 way. We waited for another promo and then we booked Kalibo to Manila.

(As of February 2013)

1. From Caticlan Airport, there are tricycles waiting for passengers. Right at the tricycle terminal, you can pay both the tricycle (Php 100 per tricycle) and the boat fare (Php 25 per person).

2. At the port, you have to pay Terminal fee (Php 100/person) and Environmental fee ( Php 75/person), which as far as I can remember is free if you are a resident. The boat ride is approximately 15 minutes that will take you to Boracay Island.

3. Just hop in a tricycle or van and they’ll take you to the White Beach. It’s  Php 100 per tricycle if you are going to Station 2.

Since we arrived there at 10AM and are too early for our check-in, we decided to just spend the remaining hours waiting at D’Mall. There, we had our brunch.

Welcome to Boracay!

Station 2

Seems like we are the foreigners here. You can count the Filipino tourists, but foreigners are everywhere especially Chinese and blondes. Filipino guides and vendors are multilinguals. lol! They’ll judge you by the look and speak your language. Too bad, they got me wrong! One vendor talked to me in Chinese! lol just like the saying, “Don’t judge the book by its cover.”:D

It was raining when we got there. Too bad. 😥 But still you can already see the beauty of the beach.:) Good thing, the rain stopped at noon time.

We walked our way from D’Mall to Tonglen Beach Resort, where we booked our stay for 4 days and 3 nights (Php 10,500 for 4 people). It was a loooong walk! The check-in time should be at 2PM, but they were kind enough to let us check in at 1PM. Tiring!

So, we rested for a while. After a 3-hour rest, we then went to D’Market to buy some fresh meat and seafood that we would grill at Tonglen. Too bad, they only have seafood here. No meat!!!:'(

The first night, we just played badminton and table tennis since Tonglen has a play ground, as well as bounced till we get dizzy on the trampoline. After having our grilled dinner, we went to the beach just to check the night life. We saw the residents making sand castles, who were asking for ‘donations’ to take a picture with it.

Boracay Sand Castles
Boracay Sand Castles

The 2nd day was… beach time!!!:)

It was cloudy.>.< Oh come on! When can I see the real beauty of Boracay!?

The positive side is… we can swim without getting sun burn! lol

As time passes, so is the sun beginning to appear. At noon time, the sun was already scorching. You can already see the white sand and the blue sea. Oh… indeed it’s beautiful!:D

At Station 1, Boracay

The sand in Station 1 is really fine like flour. I also love that the beach is clean and has a huge shallow part since I’m not a good swimmer.

The sun was really hot in the afternoon so we tried looking for some refreshments. We looked for Jonah’s shake, a well-known fruit shake in Boracay. What’s funny is that we got in the wrong restaurant! Hahah we went to Jony’s, which also has fruit shakes!:D I’m not sure which one is the original.:D Fortunately, their fruit shakes were also delicious and the ambiance is really good. Coz if not… >.<

We spent the entire day in Station 1.

Here is the famous Boracay sunset… lovely!:)

Boracay sunset

Before dinner, we went back to our hotel and prepared for dinner. We had our dinner at the Palutuan in D’Market. The food? Huge serving, but the taste is fairly average. Not something to look forward to.

3rd Day

We  went to Puka Beach. It is a 15 to 30-minute ride from Station 2 that costs Php 150/tricycle.

Unlike the White Beach, Puka Beach has strong waves. It’s so scary that we didn’t even get to swim. The sand is also not as fine as in the White Beach. So we just spend that afternoon eating, sleeping, and collecting shells. There are also souvenirs being sold as well as melted ice cream, which is very expensive.

Puka Beach
At Puka Beach

Most of the people here are foreigners. This is where liberated foreigners go.  Since it’s quite private than in White Beach, you can find topless foreigners here.

We went back to the station 1, and this time we really looked for Jonah’s shake.:D So, we compared, the taste and price are quite similar to Jony’s. Although Jony’s restaurant is quite better in terms of the place itself. However, I’m not sure why people frequent Jonah’s more than Jony’s. Oh well, I don’t know why. We had Jonah’s pancit as well and it’s a …. winner!:D

At dinner, we planned going for a buffet but we missed it since we’re buying souvenirs.:'( There’s only 1 outdoor restaurant left offering an all-you-can-eat dinner so we had no other choice. Seems like we just had the left-overs.:'(

Day 4 – Last day……….. 😥

All our bags are packed but….. we’re not yet ready to go.:'( Tonglen allowed us to extend our stay for an hour for free. Thanks!:)

We went to D’Mall for lunch and to find the dessert we saw the first day. That mouthwatering dessert I cannot take off my

So we found it here in Hallowich.

That mouthwatering dessert in Hallowich

It’s a Korean restaurant that sells this huge dessert with crushed ice, fresh fruits, sundae, and syrup. Delicious! It’s like a Korean version of halo-halo. The serving is too big for the 4 of us. We just ate half of it.:'( But I really want to return because of you Hallowich!:D

Time to go…

From Caticlan port, we paid for the terminal fee – again. We also paid for the van going to Kalibo that costs Php 175/person, which we think was a wrong idea. We should have taken the bus instead. Our flight is at 7:30 PM so technically, we have to be at the airport no later than 6:30. We arrived at the van terminal at 3:30 PM. The dispatchers said that “we’ll leave, we’ll leave early… etc. etc.” My goodness, it’s already 5PM but we are still waiting for passengers! We’re already worried about our flight. They said the approximate travel time from Caticlan to Kalibo is 2 hours. They said there are still 4 passengers coming. Then 1 dispatcher asked us, “are you the 4 passengers we are waiting for?” We’re somewhat annoyed and said, “Yes, we are!” Patience! Patience! So we were waiting for… US??? We thought we’re still waiting for another 4 passengers. They even asked us for another Php 50/each. So the dispatchers argued a bit and then we FINALLY left at 5:30PM.

They were confident that we will not be late. They told us. But the way the driver drove is already a sign that we can be late! He was so fast that he does not care for humps. He asked for Php 50/each but he was still looking for passengers along the way. wooh!

We arrived at the airport at 6:30PM, already the time for boarding and it was like we are in Amazing Race! We were the last passengers to be accommodated. Thank God! It could have cost us a lot to buy another ticket!

Lesson: It is better not to buy tickets for the van in Caticlan port. There are buses and other vans there that do not have to wait for passengers that long.

Anyway, this is the only saddening part of our stay in Boracay. Good thing it still turned out to be good because we did not miss the flight.:)


1.  Out of town trips MUST be planned AHEAD of time. It’ll give you enough time to save up and wait for great promos and discounts!

2. Look for transients/inns where you can cook (well, that depends on your preference) that would save you a lot of money. Food is expensive in Boracay.

3. Haggle! Haggle! Haggle! Anyway, I think goods are not that expensive in Boracay. What’s expensive is the transportation cost.

4. Hotels need not to be expensive nor to be booked before hand, except of course during peak season. Just look for a safe place where you will not worry leaving your stuff behind. Since you’re always at the beach, no need to pay for luxurious rooms. Also, there are people here and there who will offer you great deals. Furthermore, it’s better if you see the hotel first before you book. Some just look way different from their websites.

5. Avoid going during peak season! The cost of everything  doubles during this season, as well as because there will be too many people there, it will be too crowded for you to enjoy your vacation.

6. If possible, go during weekdays. That will make you have more options and enjoy the resort for yourself.

That would be all for now. Till my next getaway!:D

Boracay, I shall return!:D


Dakak: You’re a Food Trip and Nature-Loving Haven!

I was just a kid when I first saw a TV advertisement for Dakak in Eat Bulaga… and that started my desire to go there! I think the place is really serene, particularly my type. I’m not fond of noisy and crowded resorts since I go for a vacation to relax.:)

The Dakak Beach Resort is situated in Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte in Mindanao. Yes, it’s in Mindanao! So I can finally say I’ve been to Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao!:) You can reach this by plane from Manila to Dipolog City. It’s more than an hour flight.

We booked a hotel package beforehand, it’s the Barkadahan Package for 4, which costs Php13,000.

It consists of:

  • Airport Transfers
  • Welcome Drinks
  • Room for 4
  • Breakfast Buffet
  • Gloria’s Fantasy Land Entrance Fee

Well, I can say that the price is pretty reasonable.

Upon arriving to Dipolog Airport, due to miscommunication we weren’t able to find our guides immediately. Because the airport is so small and crowded, we did not find them easily. We went straight outside the airport only to find out that they’re waiting inside the airport. Toinks!:)

It was a 45-minute ride from Dipolog Airport to Dakak Beach Resort. We’re sweating! It’s really hot there! Good thing, when we arrived at the resort they immediately gave us these welcome drinks not to mention the welcome lace earlier. Ahh.. refreshing!:)

The resort is really huge! In fact, it’ll take a 5-minute ride from their gate to their reception area. I wonder how many hectares of land it is. The people are very very hospitable. They’re the most hospitable staff I’ve met. Kudos to the management for a really good training!:) They’ll greet you with a smile even if you’re just passing by.

The room is a native Filipino style house.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The amenities are not in its best condition though. Faucets, showers, air conditioner, landline, and TV have to be repaired. Food and drinks are not allowed inside. However, because they were kind enough to give us extra bedding without charge, I forgive them!lol It is also tolerable for the reasons that: the house is really comfortable; the entire resort is stunning; and the staff is accommodating. Anyway, you don’t spend the entire time inside the room when you’re in a resort, right?

So here’s the beach:


Well, it’s not the best beach I’ve been in but good enough. The water is really calm.

Feels like we own the resort!^_^ We we’re the only ones there! See, it’s good to go during the weekdays!:)


And here’s the pool…


In this pool, I’ve seen the closest rainbow ever!!! Too bad, I didn’t have a camera that time. 😦

There are other pools in this resort and even an outside Jacuzzi. Though in their main pool, it is strictly swimwear.

The resort is really huge with restaurants, shops, and events hall. Not to mention the area where the bungalows are. Maybe that’s the reason why they have free shuttles because it’s really tiring going around the area. The resort is eco-friendly, and I love it! It’s a great place for prenuptial photo shoots.

Here comes the evening. It’s time for Gloria’s Fantasy Land!:) They provide free shuttle for their customers.

First, we had our dinner to one of the restaurants near the amusement park. If I’m not mistaken, it is called something like “Palutuan.” This restaurant… the food… It’s amazing!!! See these buttered shrimp, roasted turkey in sauce, rice in a coconut shell, and pinaputok fish. Yummy, yummy, yummy!:)

After having a blast with our dinner, we went to the amusement park.


Well, I can say that the amusement park is really average and scary as

That D’Track ride is like a mini roller coaster without any loops. Surprisingly, it runs in individual train. It might seem really low compared to the roller coaster of Enchanted Kingdom, but don’t get easy on this – it will also make your heart jump! The seat belts are quite tattered, maybe that’s the reason why I got scared.:)

The Apollo… we had no idea what this ride was only to find out that it’s like EK’s Realto. This is what I’ve enjoyed the most! It’s better than Realto. I just hope they clean the area more.:)

Oh Bumper Cars! This is the only Bumper car ride I’ve enjoyed. Why? This is the first time I learned how to maneuver!  haha

We also had a blast with their version of Viking! Sorry, no good photo to upload.:) It was really scary since there’s only 5 of us on the ride and it’s like it’ll be broken any minute. Thrilling!:) Pray that it won’t fall when you’re at it!:)

There’s a Broadway performance as well. Surprisingly, the performers are talented! Really! I really loved this dance:

Oh what a night! Time to rest!:)

So, we got up early in the morning to maximize our stay. Time for breakfast!!!:) We went to the open restaurant. Upon entering, we saw an appetizing buffet table. Since our breakfast is free, we thought they’ll just give us the usual tapsilog. I took pity on ourselves! hahaha only to find out that our breakfast is a buffet! Wow!:)

If the breakfast is not included in your package, you’ll have to pay Php400 to have this buffet breakfast that consists of soup, fresh fruits and fruit juices, cereals, tempura, siomai, ham, and many more!


We spent the entire day swimming and having prenup shoots for our engaged friends. At lunch, we ate at the Spanish restaurant inside the resort. Expensive!

So it’s time for night galore!:))

The mode of transportation here is a motorcycle or they call it habal-habal. You have to bargain to get a cheaper ride. For us, we got 2 motorcycles for Php1,200 and it’s for a roundtrip with tours. It was exciting and thrilling at the same time. I couldn’t remember the last time I rode one. It was a 45-minute habal-habal trip from the resort to Dipolog Boulevard/Sunset Boulevard for a nerve-wrecking food trip!:)

The Dipolog Boulevard is like Manila’s Baywalk. The only difference is that, Dipolog Boulevard is not yet commercialized. So we just had some finger food before going to the main course and while we’re strolling around the area. First stop is green mango then fishballs. Though their fishball doesn’t taste like one. I don’t know, it tastes different and expensive! Php2 each!

See this funny fishball cart.:) Hahah Mark Zuckerberg’s franchise??? lol

The next stop is the balut and penoy. This is my first time to see a balut and penoy stall wherein they actually provide tables for the customers.

Then down to the main course: The Ihaw Ihaw in Dipolog Boulevard!:)

Basically, the dishes are all grilled ranging from chicken wings and legs, intestines (isaw), porkchop, and barbecue served with rice packed in a triangular banana leaf. They call it puso. Eating here is really affordable. Imagine that we paid only Php250 for a hearty meal for the 4 of us.

Caution: Not everyone here can speak Tagalog fluently so prepare to speak in English or sign language!lol Their dialect is Cebuano.

Upon returning to the hotel, there was a sudden shower. That’s the con in riding the habal-habal, but I loved it still.:) So we just asked the drivers to take us to the Fantasyland where Dakak’s van was waiting for their passengers who went to the park. So we just rode in the van for a safer trip since the road is already wet.

Now, this is goodbye…

Our stay in Dakak Beach Resort has been a satisfying one. Should there be another opportunity to be back… I shall return!:)



Anawangin – An Island Before Civilization

Anawangin has one of the clearest waters I’ve seen. The place is really amazing and I really appreciate it not being commercialized because if this would be just like any other resorts, I will be utterly disappointed. The very reason why I like this place a lot is because it frees me from city-stress!:)

This is also a great place for those who are budget-conscious. Since there are no luxury hotels and restaurants in here, you will save a lot. Just remember to bring enough food and drinking water before coming here. Bringing mats or airbed to sleep would also be great. And oh! Don’t forget to bring insect repellent lotions and camping stuff.:) There’s no electricity so charge your phones before coming here. Anyway, there’s a very limited signal in the island.

nagsasa Cove

This is our first stop in our island hopping – The Nagsasa Cove. It’s a nice island though too rocky to swim. After taking some photos, we went to our next destination, which is the Capones Island. You see how clear the water is?

capones island

The sun’s heat is really scorching so we did not spend too much time in other islands. After Capones Island, we told our guides to take us straight to Anawangin. After all, the 4 hour trip from Manila to Zambales is also quite tiring. On the other hand, because of the hot temperature, the water becomes really tempting that we thought of swimming already!:)

The boat ride took 1 hour. I already felt dehydrated.:(

You will know that you’re near Anawangin when you see those pine trees lining the shore. From the looks of it, it’s really refreshing. It’s a good thing that we went there during weekdays because it’s not crowded. There are only 3 groups who were camping including us.


Finally, we can rest! Our guides set up our tents immediately. Since there was not much people, we got to choose our spot.

After resting for some time, we started gathering for firewood (oh! Not us, the boys did.:))

Reminder: Grab a friend along who knows how to make fire and cook using firewood or else you’ll get famished before even starting a fire!:) Also, bring food that are easy to cook and don’t expect to buy other ingredients there. Yes, there’s a store, but it’s too small for you to buy everything you need. So pack everything you need before going here!

So here’s our yummy food!:)


Yummy! I tasted the life in the province again!:)

After you fill your tummy… It’s time to play in the water!!!:)


You see, we waited for the sunset diving into the water. lol! We’re afraid of sun burn!:) Anyway, the sunset is really nice!


It’s dinner time!:) Well, in here you have to cook earlier before the sun sets totally. Why? There are no bright lamp posts there!

Now, it’s bonfire time!:) Even the evening is really beautiful in Anawangin. It’s so serene. There are no buzzing vehicles nor people shouting. You’ll only here the waves and the crickets. When you look at the sky, you’ll see numerous stars. Starry, starry night!:) I can still remember that the last time I’ve seen that much stars is when I was still a kid, way back in our province. In Manila, you’ll only see the moon, some few stars, and the SMOG!:p

Anyway, I’ve never been to a more relaxing and peaceful beach than here in Anawangin. Though I think it’s best to stay just overnight. You cannot afford to spoil the little food you’ve brought here. Overall, this place is a fantastic place to spend a quick vacation. Coming here on weekdays is better because on weekend, there will be a lot of people to the point that the tents are cluttered.

So bye for now! Till my next trip! Annyeonghi Gyeseyo:)


Puerto Galera

Once Upon A Time in Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is the usual beach, which is preferred by those who want to go for a vacation and yet do not want to travel a long way from Manila. Aside from Batangas and Zambales beaches, probably this is the nearest destination for beach-lovers. It is located in the island of Mindoro. It is considered as a white beach, though the sand is not that white. 😛

How To Get There:

From Cubao, ride a Bus going to Batangas Port. It’s more or less a 2-hour trip. From there, you will ride a ferry to get to the White Beach and then presto! You’re in Puerto Galera!


Along the White Beach, there are plenty of transients and restaurants to choose from. However, we decided to stay in a further place…

and that’s in Punta Del Este!

We are just really favored because when we went there, the  cheaper house, which is where  we are supposed to stay is under construction so they transferred our booking to this  house. Thank God!:)

Punta Del Este is….. the place to be!  The house is just very nice unlike any other beach houses. Though it will take you a 15-minute tricycle ride from the White Beach to this transient – but really it’s worth it! I consider this house  “MY MANSION.” 🙂

Punta del EsteThis one is their main transient. There are many houses in this resort varying from different sizes and capacities but this one is the biggest and the most expensive. This room is too big for the 5 of us!:)

The exterior might not be that appealing, but  the interior, starting from the fine choice of  furniture and decors to its antique house effect, this house is very nice and comfortable. There are 4 big rooms plus an attic. Actually, this is my first outing wherein I got a room solely.:) The room is really cute – a princess’ room type. You won’t need an air conditioner here. Just open those glass doors and you’ll feel the refreshing sea breeze. The surrounding is really beautiful as well.

There are also helpers who will serve your meals. They’ll just ask you whatever you want and you give them money to buy the ingredients in the market and they’ll cook it for you. But wait! They are great cooks!  So all you have to do is to sit back and enjoy. Indeed, what you call a vacation – lots of pampering! Give way to the senoritas and senoritos!:)

punta del este

In the morning, after a long and relaxing rest, you’ll find the breakfast ready. The helpers have already prepared the breakfast early in the morning. (Well, that is if you gave them budget for your breakfast meals.)

Punta del Este

(Oops sorry! We kinda created a mess in the area.:P)

The house is situated near the cliff. You can go down to the beach by their long stairs. Though the beach nearby is not good for swimming. The wave is so strong and too many sharp rocks to go swimming. (Death-defying):)

There’s also an infinity pool here. A really nice pool with a really great view! I love this pool! ❤ (It’s not obvious, right?)

Punta del Este

To go back to the White Beach, ride the tricycle.

In the White Beach, there are people who will entice you to do this and that like island hopping, snorkeling, diving, and more. They offer deals for that. So we had the island hopping and snorkeling thing. It’s fun! Seeing and feeding those fish.

It’s getting dark when we arrived at the White Beach again. We looked for a good restaurant to satisfy our growling stomachs. The White Beach is really nice in the evening. You’ll hear loud music and see “supposedly fire dancers”, but unfortunately fire dancing has been prohibited so they’re just dancing without fire in their poi. 😦 Nonetheless, I love how Puerto Galera looks at night!:)

Actually, it’s this house that made my stay. I did not fall in love with the entire Puerto Galera beach. I actually enjoyed staying in this house more than the beach. Anyway, I’ll be back to live again in Punta Del Este!:)

Credits: Thanks Wreuel and Donna Nabong for the photos!:)

The Mystical Land of Siquijor

I always see this mystical island of Siquijor  on TV and news whenever November or the Halloween is coming. It is most popular because of the talks about superstitions, witches, and aswangs , which are believed  lingering in this  island. I got  really curious about this place though. I heard it’s really beautiful! Then one day, my friend invited me to Siquijor – they lived there!

From Manila, we took the plane and landed in Dumaguete. It’s just an hour  or 2 away from Siquijor. From Dumaguete, you have to ride on a ferry to get to Siquijor. We went there last July 2011, it’s supposedly a rainy month, but when we arrived there, the weather is perfectly fine. Thank God!:)

View From The Top

After taking the ferry for an hour and a half (I fell asleep during the trip… the waves made me dizzy XD), we arrived at the pier in Siquijor. Oh well, when we got out of the ferry, I just saw a very wonderful place with no bias at all!

The water is just very clear. It feels like I already want to dive! The water looks so enticing…:)

I saw many foreigners there snorkeling and diving.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Take note: This is not yet the resort! It’s just a dock!

From there, we went straight to Maria riding a tricycle. It’s the common mode of transportation there. Very rarely that you can see jeepneys. So, it’s a one hour back-numbing tricycle trip. We went straight to their house, greeting some of their relatives. Actually, I was just smiling – I don’t really understand their dialect. 🙂

Coincidentally, it was the town fiesta that day so we spend the remaining hours before the day ends – eating. We also watched a basketball game. I was never a fan, but I really enjoyed the game because of the dancing referee and the competition was really tough. It’s like as if 1 million is the prize!

Before his mother finished greeting all their relatives, it was already dark. What I have noticed is that at 6pm, you can only see few people on the streets. To think that it was the town fiesta that day. It was around 10pm that only us are walking on the street to go home. Honestly, it’s really creepy. We walked for 30 mins and some light posts are not working. Whew! But it was really really fun when your feet are already walking by themselves and they want to run! XD You can hear the crickets and the leaves because it’s just too quiet.

Finally, we reached home! Safe and sound! lol

Day 2: We went to Coco Grove Resort. The amenities are really great, but we’re not amazed by their beach. It’s rocky and that time the wave was too strong.

coco grove siquijor

There’s only 1 restaurant inside. The food is a bit pricey for the Filipinos. I think the prices were made for foreigners since Siquijor is like a European Embassy. You’ll see a lot of Europeans everywhere with their Filipina partners. Overall, we enjoyed our stay there because of the comfort of their rooms.

The pool is actually really nice. Good thing that only few people were staying that time.

coco grove siquijor

Day 3: Salagdoong Beach, here we come! This one is a public resort. I think we just paid Php10 for the entrance fee. It’s really affordable, but wait… that does not mean it’s not worth it! Actually, enjoyed the beach here more than in Coco Grove. On a waist-deep water, you can already do snorkeling wherein Nemo will just swim with you. The fish here are not scared of people.

Salagdoong Beach

We spent the night at one of their relative’s resort, it is still under construction though.

Day 4: Oh it’s our last day! T___T

Not to waste a single minute of our stay there, we got up very early in the morning. We explored the resort-in-the-making. I was not in the mood to swim, but when I saw the coral reefs and fish swimming in shallow waters, I suddenly changed my mind.:)


There’s more Nemos there! (Haha that’s what I call that kind of fish.) Schools of  fish are just swimming with you and even jelly fish! lol

It’s really fun snorkeling there, especially to me, who is not a good swimmer because I can already do that in shallow waters. Actually, I don’t know how to swim! XD

Oh so, here’s the end of the trip. T___T

We went to other places as well, but I was not able to take photos.

All in all, Siquijor is indeed a great place to spend your vacation especially if you want privacy. I had the opportunity to taste their exotic dish, which is raw sea urchin. Yayks! Usually, locals will sell you a bottle of that delicacy. They enjoyed it, but I did not! I was never fond of exotic food!

I think because Filipino tourists are scared to come here that’s why this place is like an extension of United Nations. You can see foreigners here and there, doing business and spending their vacation. Oh well, I think we should enjoy this place as much as they do. Just forget about those old superstitious beliefs. If up until now it is still true, then why would the foreigners settle there?

This is one thing I believe – that God owns the Philippines as well as Siquijor!

The mystical island of Siquijor is actually an amazing island!