A Feel-Good Movie For My May 1st: Love 911

Love 911 Review

Thank you for this legal holiday! I got to catch up with my pending-to-watch list. It’s sooo hot and boring so I chose what I think is a feel-good movie. And… I was right!:)


Love 911 is a typical romantic-comedy Korean movie. There’s no unique quality in it. Regardless, I loved it!:)

Ko Soo (Kang-Il) plays the male lead role as a brave, temperamental fireman. He’s a snob and a man with a few words. He always puts himself in deadly rescues–not just because he’s a dedicated fireman, but also because he wanted to die.

love 911 - Go Soo

Meanwhile, Han Hyo Joo (Mi-Soo) is a licensed doctor. She can be lunatic and crazy, a good liar.


Trying to show off to the director of the hospital, she has misdiagnosed a patient. The patient got critically ill and the husband of the patient became violent and wants to sue Han Hyo Joo for that. Afraid to lose her hard-earned license, she planned to counter-sue the patient’s husband. With that, she needs someone who would sue him–and that’s Ko Soo, the fireman whom the husband has beaten up.

However, things weren’t easy as Mi-Soo thinks it would be. Kang-Il does not want to cooperate with her. Simply because he was once in that husband’s situation. He knows how hard it is. So Mi-Soo tried so hard to find a way how to counter-sue the husband. She tried seducing Ko-Soo to no avail. She went in and out of jail just to get his attention. Finally, out of desperation and because she and her doctor friend got suspended because of the misdiagnosis, they joined a volunteer’s work as firemen.

This marks the beginning of the soon-to-blossom relationship of Ms. Aggressive and Mr. Hard-To-Get.

The chase is really fun. There are some sweet moments, but mostly funny moments. lol I couldn’t recall if I ever watched Han Hyo Joo in such a comedic role. She’s so funny when she screams like a man with that pretty face!:D



Nevertheless, she continued wooing him. He was always there to rescue her even if he doesn’t want to.She always faints and he always picks her up. There was this funny scene that because he’s just so used in seeing her faint, he was expressionless when she faints again. It’s like, okay she fainted again.XD

For that, Mi-Soo began to like him. So now, she’s not just trying to get his attention for the case, but because she wants it for herself.

fullsizephoto262643 (1)


Until he finally… gave in.^___^


BUT, things aren’t as easy as they seem. Kang-Il has something from his past that he couldn’t forget. Now, it’s Mi-Soo’s part to heal that heartache–to put a bandage on his past. On the other hand, Kang-Il has to teach Mi-Soo what’s really valuable and what are not. As their lives got entangled, I laughed and I cried—but mostly, I laughed!:D

Love 911, also known as Bandage or Band-Aid, is another must-watch movie. It will make you feel the fun and excitement as well as the thrill when the firemen save lives. Even the other characters will touch your heart. As for me, I cried a lot because of the patient’s husband and the scene wherein a man called his family when the building is about to collapse.

Overall, I love this movie and I recommend that you watch it, too!:D