The Smoking Baby Back Ribs at SmokeOut

Restaurant Review

I love discovering hidden treasures–most especially FOOD! I’m not into crowded places; I prefer the quiet ones. That’s the reason why I’ve decided that if I will make a review of a restaurant, I’d go for hidden delights! These restaurants with delicious meals and are budget-friendly, but not properly advertised.

So, here it goes…

After a tiring jogging at Phil. Sports Arena, formerly Ultra, we went food hunting. LOL we craved food after burning calories!

We’re supposed to eat at Nipa Hut, enjoy the food and refreshing ambiance since it has a really nice view. However, before we even reached Nipa Hut, we saw this small signage of Baby Back Ribs. It was a relatively small restaurant, which I think can only seat up to 10 people, located along Capt. Henry P. Javier St., Pasig City along Ultra, beside Nipa Hut.

Photo courtesy of Ensogo
Photo courtesy of Ensogo

SmokeOut’s signage about baby back ribs is appetizing enough. So, we decided to give it a try for a change.

The restaurant, as you can see in the image above, offers al fresco dining. The restaurant was literally smoking that you can also inhale the smoke as the cook grills your order.

We asked for their bestseller and of course that’s what we ordered. Baby back ribs and original chicken barbecue, baby! And, they grilled them right away.

After a few minutes of waiting with growling stomaches… PRESTO!


Introducing, SmokeOut’s whole baby back ribs! Yummy! Yummy!

This SmokeOut’s Baby Back Ribs costs Php 420 (whole) / Php 220 (half). They grilled it to tenderness then drizzled with sauce that awesomely complements with the meat to perfection. It was too delicious for its price.:) Baby back ribs in larger restaurants would cost twice or even thrice more than the price here.

This meal was also served with coleslaw. I loved that, too! I don’t eat coleslaw, but I love this coleslaw ala SmokeOut.

We also ordered SmokeOut’s Original Chicken Barbecue, which is too much for a single meal. Well, my bad, I wasn’t listening to the waitress when she took my order. I ordered half chicken thinking the serving would be the same as in other restaurants.

But I was wrong; it was really half of the chicken!

SmokeOut Chicken

I had no choice but to ask the waiter to cut it into half and pack it for to-go. So, what you can see in the image above is only half of my order. Half chicken costs Php 180.

Both of our orders are delicious. The price is not expensive for the taste and portion. Also, because my friend frequents there, they give as bigger portions when he’s with us. That, I can consider as a very good loyalty program.:)

Downside is… they have no service water. Sometimes it can be hot in the area since it’s open. Anyway, that’s fine with me. I prefer casual dining.

SmokeOut, I shall return!:)

For now, bye readers! I would love to discover hidden delights for you!^__^

Disclaimer: I’m no food critic; I’m just a food lover.:)


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