The Perfect Aroma of Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye at the Coffee Prince

It took me a long time to make a review about this drama. Sorry!:P

Well, what can I say? Coffee Prince… I have watched this drama thrice and I think I can still go for more!:) This is my most favorite Kdrama ever!!! I just love everything from the story to casting and portrayals. I really think that GY and YEH are the best choices for this drama. They’re just perfect for their respective roles. Oh and the chemistry… it’s really natural to the point that I hoped they were really dating.<3

Let’s start with the cast:

Yoon Eun Hye a.k.a Go Eun Chan, the breadwinner and acts as the head of her poor family. Her character is really hardworking that she accepts any job offered to her as long as she gets the money for her family.

I first saw her in Princess Hours and I didn’t really like her back then. I find her acting in Princess Hours a bit exaggerated, so when I saw the trailer of Coffee Prince, I asked, “Why her?”

BUT, she really super improved a lot! She’s very natural as Go Eun Chan, not a trying-hard-to-be-boyish type, and I like the fact that she really cut her hair for the drama. She’s so good that I couldn’t think of anyone to portray as Go Eun Chan except her. She slayed that character. Excellent!:)

Gong Yoo a.k.a Choi Han Kyul

Our handsome prince. A rich and rude grandson of the wealthy owner of a huge coffee factory that also owns the Coffee Prince Cafe.  Everything about him here is just way too perfect from the way he dresses, to the way he carries his comedic acts, to the way he looks at Go Eun Chan–from anger and pain to love and happiness. He’s the perfect Choi Han Kyul!

 Chae Jung-an a.k.a  Han Yoo-joo

Her role is a world-renowned painter and Choi Han Kyul’s first love interest. She is what he says–his hobby, like drinking water in the morning. Chow Han Kyul had loved her ever since they were young. She is also Choi Han Kyul’s cousin’s ex-girlfriend. I love how independent and cool she is in this story. The usual third party is bratty, but she’s not:)

     Lee Sun-gyun a.k.a Choi Han-seong, a musical director. He’s Han Yon-joo’s lover that she left for another guy. He’s kind and smart with a really cute dog.

He is also Go Eun Chan’s first love interest, for the reason that he sees her as a girl unlike everybody else.

Meet the other princes (Jin Ha-rim, Noh Sun-ki, and Hwang Min-yeop)

Among these 4 princes, Hwang Min-yeop is my favorite! He really added life to the story.:)


               Go Eun Chan is a hardworking and energetic girl who works for her family. Being the head of the family, she seemed to forget being a girl. She’s got a lot of work and that includes food delivery, being a taekwondo teacher, and more. On the other hand, Choi Han Kyul is a rude chaebol who just came back from the U.S.A.

               Our leads first met when Eun Chan delivered Han Kyul’s meal while he was just wearing a towel wiping his legs. Eun Chan got really shocked that she left without collecting his payment. The next meeting was when Hwang Min-yeop tried snatching Han Yoo-joo’s bag and Eun Chan tried catching him only to find out that he did that to pay for her younger sister’s tuition whom he loves. So, she tried to release him, but because Hwang Min-yeop is a little slow, Han Kyul noticed and thought it was a connivance. Because of that incident, Eun Chan lost her delivery job so she was forced to ask Han Kyul for a thank you gift for retrieving Han Yoo-joo’s bag. Although Han Kyul does not believe her, he asked her to come for the thank you gift. When Eun Chan arrived, Han Kyul insulted her and her family thinking that she’s involved in the robbery. Because of that, Eun Chan did not leave him, asking him to apologize for insulting her family.

               Han Kyul, not wanting to marry, did everything to make his blind dates unsuccessful. Finally, he thought of an idea to make his grandma stop. He then hired Eun Chan as his fake lover, thinking she’s a guy. In return, she’ll be paid. When his grandmother found out, she got really angry and so as a punishment, gave Coffee Prince for him to manage. A cafe that looks more of a pigsty.

              Seeing how Eun Chan works so hard for her family, Han Kyul hired her as one of the baristas. She pretended to be a guy since only males were being hired. And that’s how it all started…

                While they started to like each other, they also fought like cats and dogs.

The Unforgettable Moments:

The first heartbeat.:)

Han Kyul was really frustrated, and how come he thought of Eun Chan? So, he asked her to come to his house. Maybe to bully her???:)

The second sign… Han Kyul was making fun of her.<3<3<3

The hug. waaahhhh!!! 🙂

Eun Chan is really cute when she’s blowing her hair.:)

See that look? hahah he couldn’t take it anymore! He finds Eun Chan really cute when she blows her hair!:)

What I like most about Korea’s romantic moments is when the man grabs the woman! So sweet!:) Prepare Eun Chan!!:)

Now, that’s your punishment for blowing your hair in front of Han Kyul! waaahhh!!!:) Actually, he was testing himself if he is really a gay since he’s starting to like Eun Chan. And I really love how his knees trembled after the surprising hug!:)

And so… they fell in love… secretly.

The next one is the most heartbreaking scene in this drama when Han Kyul could not fight his feelings anymore, so he decided to bid goodbye. This scene is just so beautiful and pure. I mean, it has all the emotions it needs. You can really feel the heartache. Gong Yoo is really excellent in this scene. The pain and love that cannot be said, he expressed them clearly through his eyes and gestures. I love it!

The beach scene. 😥

Because he thought they couldn’t be together, he kept all those heartache unsaid.

Really heart breaking. sob sob 😥

To keep Eun Chan away from him, he started being rude again. They fought. He cried. She cried. If only he knew…

But since the passion is so strong, no matter what he did, he cannot take her out of his mind. He just gave up the battle he’s clearly losing.

So one night, when Eun Chan was left in the cafe, he came rushing and kissed her.:)

“I don’t care what you are… but just once, just this once… let’s try and see how far we can go.” – Han Kyul


And so they became a couple even without knowing that she’s a she. They were overwhelmed since the feeling they’ve been keeping for so long can already be expressed. But of course in any drama, right after the happiest moment comes the problem.

He discovered the truth.

What’s worse is that Eun Chan was not able to tell him herself because of Jin Ha-rim’s big mouth! At that, they broke up. Well, I can fully understand Han Kyul. He was deceived and embarrassed at the same time. He confessed love to someone he thought was a guy. He was really furious.

But of course, love covers all, even hatred. And they’re back again in each other’s arms. <3<3<3

Oh, if someone could also do that for me… he’s singing to Go Eun Chan to wake her up. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTT!!!:)

There are still tons of sweet moments.

The next problem they had is Han Kyul’s grandmother who dislikes Eun Chan, but eventually liked her anyway. Han Kyul wanted to marry her right away, but because she’s still young and has to work for her family, she asked for time. As a scholar, she was sent to study abroad as a barista by Han Kyul’s grandmother and also to test her character.

Oh this was heartbreaking… Gong Yoo really bursts out in here.:'(

But of course, Eun Chan returned… after 2 long years.:)

The End…


I love the entire story from the first to the last episode–every minute of it. The story is light without heavy slice of life dramas. I also loved the fact that this one has no annoying antagonists. Although there are hindrances, there’s no evil and immortal third party or what. YEH and Gong Yoo have given their best to make the drama excellent. I just couldn’t say anything bad about this drama. Everything falls to its right place. I just hoped that I could see their wedding in the end. Anyway, they ended it cleanly.

Kudos to the writers, director, actors, and all the staff. I hope you can make something as good as this again!

My rating is 10 out of 10!!!:)

Till my next drama review!



20 thoughts on “The Perfect Aroma of Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye at the Coffee Prince

  1. omg!!!!!!!!!!! love this post cuz i feel the same way abt the coffee prince. absolutely my best kdrama!!!!!! the actors, their chemistry everything was just on point!!

      1. i sooo love your post! after reading so many posts about coffee prince, not one seemed to consider the first heartbeat. you did!!

  2. WOW!!!!! just love your post…. it said all that i feel towards this drama….OMG!!! the chemistry between these two is one of the best i’ve ever scene….. love their acting and all te emotions they captured so brilliantly… p.s what i love most about k-dramas is that they dont feel awkward making the hero cry once in a while to show his pain… i love that the most… 🙂

  3. The most Beuatiful k-drama aver, i love your post, these two actor deserve a new one oportunity to work together, they perform is beyond the excelence!!!

  4. true..nothing beats coffee prince! its the best k-drama ive seen so far. I hope the actors get to work together again.I want something in the romantic comedy genre.Do suggest some more..and thanks! 🙂

    1. Hello again!

      I recommend Love 911 – latest
      Some Classic Favorites:
      Rom-Com: My Tutor Friend, Crazy 1st Love, He was Cool, My Girlfriends is an Agent
      Thriller (if you want): The Man From Nowhere, The Client, Confession of Murder

      That’s it for now! Please follow my blog for more updates. Thanks!:)

  5. Totally agree with you..Coffee Prince is the best Kdrama i ever seen..i love everything about CF..this drama is so “alive”..GY and Yeh make such a perfect couple..everyone involved are amazing..i watch GY in Finding Mr Destiny and Big..but i didn’t feel anything special about those dramas..GY looked so awkward..but he’s great in already 2014 and i still crazy over CF and wish GYEH will meet again and work together..

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