The Mystical Land of Siquijor

I always see this mystical island of Siquijor  on TV and news whenever November or the Halloween is coming. It is most popular because of the talks about superstitions, witches, and aswangs , which are believed  lingering in this  island. I got  really curious about this place though. I heard it’s really beautiful! Then one day, my friend invited me to Siquijor – they lived there!

From Manila, we took the plane and landed in Dumaguete. It’s just an hour  or 2 away from Siquijor. From Dumaguete, you have to ride on a ferry to get to Siquijor. We went there last July 2011, it’s supposedly a rainy month, but when we arrived there, the weather is perfectly fine. Thank God!:)

View From The Top

After taking the ferry for an hour and a half (I fell asleep during the trip… the waves made me dizzy XD), we arrived at the pier in Siquijor. Oh well, when we got out of the ferry, I just saw a very wonderful place with no bias at all!

The water is just very clear. It feels like I already want to dive! The water looks so enticing…:)

I saw many foreigners there snorkeling and diving.

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Take note: This is not yet the resort! It’s just a dock!

From there, we went straight to Maria riding a tricycle. It’s the common mode of transportation there. Very rarely that you can see jeepneys. So, it’s a one hour back-numbing tricycle trip. We went straight to their house, greeting some of their relatives. Actually, I was just smiling – I don’t really understand their dialect. 🙂

Coincidentally, it was the town fiesta that day so we spend the remaining hours before the day ends – eating. We also watched a basketball game. I was never a fan, but I really enjoyed the game because of the dancing referee and the competition was really tough. It’s like as if 1 million is the prize!

Before his mother finished greeting all their relatives, it was already dark. What I have noticed is that at 6pm, you can only see few people on the streets. To think that it was the town fiesta that day. It was around 10pm that only us are walking on the street to go home. Honestly, it’s really creepy. We walked for 30 mins and some light posts are not working. Whew! But it was really really fun when your feet are already walking by themselves and they want to run! XD You can hear the crickets and the leaves because it’s just too quiet.

Finally, we reached home! Safe and sound! lol

Day 2: We went to Coco Grove Resort. The amenities are really great, but we’re not amazed by their beach. It’s rocky and that time the wave was too strong.

coco grove siquijor

There’s only 1 restaurant inside. The food is a bit pricey for the Filipinos. I think the prices were made for foreigners since Siquijor is like a European Embassy. You’ll see a lot of Europeans everywhere with their Filipina partners. Overall, we enjoyed our stay there because of the comfort of their rooms.

The pool is actually really nice. Good thing that only few people were staying that time.

coco grove siquijor

Day 3: Salagdoong Beach, here we come! This one is a public resort. I think we just paid Php10 for the entrance fee. It’s really affordable, but wait… that does not mean it’s not worth it! Actually, enjoyed the beach here more than in Coco Grove. On a waist-deep water, you can already do snorkeling wherein Nemo will just swim with you. The fish here are not scared of people.

Salagdoong Beach

We spent the night at one of their relative’s resort, it is still under construction though.

Day 4: Oh it’s our last day! T___T

Not to waste a single minute of our stay there, we got up very early in the morning. We explored the resort-in-the-making. I was not in the mood to swim, but when I saw the coral reefs and fish swimming in shallow waters, I suddenly changed my mind.:)


There’s more Nemos there! (Haha that’s what I call that kind of fish.) Schools of  fish are just swimming with you and even jelly fish! lol

It’s really fun snorkeling there, especially to me, who is not a good swimmer because I can already do that in shallow waters. Actually, I don’t know how to swim! XD

Oh so, here’s the end of the trip. T___T

We went to other places as well, but I was not able to take photos.

All in all, Siquijor is indeed a great place to spend your vacation especially if you want privacy. I had the opportunity to taste their exotic dish, which is raw sea urchin. Yayks! Usually, locals will sell you a bottle of that delicacy. They enjoyed it, but I did not! I was never fond of exotic food!

I think because Filipino tourists are scared to come here that’s why this place is like an extension of United Nations. You can see foreigners here and there, doing business and spending their vacation. Oh well, I think we should enjoy this place as much as they do. Just forget about those old superstitious beliefs. If up until now it is still true, then why would the foreigners settle there?

This is one thing I believe – that God owns the Philippines as well as Siquijor!

The mystical island of Siquijor is actually an amazing island!


This Is The First!

At last! I was able to create my own blog – not for professional, but for personal use.Because writing is never a profession for me, it is indeed my passion. 🙂

Hmmnn… so what do I write first? Actually, I was planning to write my stories here because I am a frustrated scriptwriter / novelist. I would like to post about my travels as well. I’m exploring my beautiful country – Philippines!:)

I think before I start with my stories, I should first post my travel blogs. And so here it goes… 🙂